NYFW & other adventures

So it's been a hot second! 

In jan i went out to vegas for SHOT show with Fight Soap to help host afterparties & make the company look good.  It was a lot of fun to go to some of the events (one was held at a shooting range) & we had a sweet hookup that got us in vip sections for all the clubs we went to.  omnia has the sickest chandelier light show thing!

in feb i walked in my first ever show during NYFW!! it was such a cool thing to be a part of & i walked during the raw artists showcase in brooklyn for a super sweet designer named jackie. her line is called earthly and it's made with all natural dyes & fabrics.  the more i do runway, the more i seem to love it!  such a fun experience :)

i finally went back to the gym 2 days ago! it was 3 months to the day since i took that horrid class that gave me rhabdo.  it feels AMAZING to be back in the gym & constantly active. yesterday alone i did yoga, chest day at the gym, then topped off the night with volleyball<3  seriously loving life right now :)

hope u all love life right now as well! 

ps- totally forgot to mention, when i shot with kabbaz-kelly in december they put me on the box!! when u order women's color collection from their lingerie section u will get me in the mail!! :D check it out under my commercial tab

end of 2015 - beginning of 2016 :)

hello all! :)

happy new year!! 2016 is bringing amazing things! :)

i hope everyone had a merry xmas/happy hanukkuh/happy kwanza/happy festivus/day off from school/work/life! or happy day of being offended by everything in the world involving holidays u giant pussy (i think that covers everyone?)

december was a pretty slow month for me unfortunately because i had rhabdo.  i had an AMAZING shoot the first week of the month with a full collaborative team for a Garage magazine concept shoot. (as in, not for publication, just in the style of) ..it was a ton of fun working with a full team and the shoot was so easy and awesome.

so the rhabdo story - in the meantime, i had been sorta bulking (basically eating a lot - not doing like a serious bulk) because i wanted to start a new routine and had signed up for a bootcamp class and was excited to get super cut. i went to my first class on monday 12/7 & it ended up being a fucking crossfit thing. i had no desire to do crossfit, it's stupid & dangerous.  i had read all the reviews & checked out the site and the word crossfit wasn't even remotely mentioned.  the "trainer" actually makes u call and schedule your first class and i pretty much grilled him on all the types of stuff and what i was looking to specifically work on (my explosion and vertical for volleyball). i show up & on the menu for the day is:
100 burpees
100 kettle bell swings (lightest bell is 15lbs)
100 split squats
100 raised arm pushups
100 butterfly sit ups
100 raised arm squats or something where you're arms are holding something the entire time
two women in the class told me that i just happened to start on a super hard day & that it's not normally like this. i figured i wouldn't push myself past my limits and i had mild bronchitis so my lungs would quit long before my muscles anyway.  the only thing i really went hard on was the push ups because it wasn't any type of cardio. i've done pushups/other shit until exhaustion a bunch of times before but it's the stupid million repetitions of all the exercises that get u. later that day i was sore, by the next day i felt like someone had beat me, and that night i had 2 bulges on either side of my chest (looked like i had 4 boobs).  the next day after work i went to the ER & after a 3hr wait :(  i was just like o hey i think i have rhabdo  & they pretty much laughed me off until they did my blood work.  the dr actually congratulated me on correctly self diagnosing.  my cpk levels (the amount of protein in your blood) was 13000 (it's only supposed to be a couple hundred) & my liver was elevated. i was in the hospital for 2days. so basically fuck the boot camp and "trainer". trash them by name, but if you're reading this, please please be careful and do your research. rhabdo can be fatal and lead to kidney and liver failure. i haven't been able to work out since that class either. besides the 2 days in the hospital, i was on bed rest at home for about a week, still can't drink, still have serious muscle weakness, and i'm still tired a lot. BUT on a positive note, i'm starting yoga again tomorrow so fingers crossed!

2 days after i got out of the hospital i had a shoot with kabbaz-kelly from customshirt1.com.  they are like the number one retailer of men's dress shirts and socks.  they brought socks to the internet (they have AMAZING socks) i had such a good time shooting with them. the lingerie and loungewear was super comfy and the socks were by far the finest quality i've ever had on my body.  the only downside of this day was i was still definitely sick, felt absolutely horrible by the time i got home, and got yelled at by my dr for going. can't wait to shoot with them again in the future!! check me out on their site - i'm on a few of the boxes!! so when u order the product from them, u get me :D http://www.customshirt1.com/index.php/womenslingerie/sets/kabbaz-kelly-custom-colors-collection-cotton-lycra-racerback-tank-top.html

christmas was nice and my nye was a shit ton of fun! my 2016 resolution is to focus on the good and only think about positive things.  2015 was great but i know 2016 is bringing me amazing things and i can't wait to receive them all :)

peace love happyness :*


all good things :)

well hello hello :)

so it's november which means my spread in delicious dolls magazine is out! make sure u order a copy today..u can get it here: http://deliciousdollsmagazine.com/product/november-2015-emily-dear-heart-miss-t-tee-lacy-mcgillicuddy/

in the end of october i shot a social media campaign for rose royce clothing! (www.roseroyceclothing.com) super legit denim company with legit some of the best jeans i've ever had the pleasure of wearing.  i even got to keep a pair from the shoot after it was over which was a pretty sweet perk.  u can check me out on ther ig @roseroyceclothing rocking their jeans & a killer pair of heels.

also i am now an official fight soap girl! (www.getfightsoap.com --> follow them on ig @fightsoap) super pumped to be part of such an awesome company.  i shot with them twice this past week and will be shooting frequently with them in the coming days/weeks/months.  i have an official fight soap ig @fightsoapsamantha so make sure u follow me there for all my awesome fight soap shoots & adventures as well as my original @_.samanthachristine._

hope everyone is doing well & had a great halloween! it's one of my fav holidays & this yr i was an angel once & mardi gras jester twice.  loved both costumes but especially my jester because it's something i've never done before as a full costume (my random jester stick & headband at mardi gras this yr doesn't count haha). i bought a purple tutu & spray painted this old corset i had never used half green & half gold. u can check it out on my ig :)

until next time...may u all dream big & achieve bigger! :D

i need to get better @ consistently blogging

well hello all. so i seriously suck at consistently blogging..deff gonna work on that haha.

lot's of awesome things have been happening!

got back to work in september..shot out in staten island and worked with my agency on getting my comp together.  been doing a lot of promo stuff as well.

on october 3rd i was lucky enough to be part of rufflecon (http://www.rufflecon.org/) which was an absolutely amazing experience! it was my first big runway show and i walked for two designers - simplicity (in the first act) and - long ears and sharp ears (in the second act).  the clothes i got to wear were a lot of fun and totally something i've never done before.  check out the photos i added - i'm hopefully getting the official pix soon to add to the few i took myself.

got some more shoots this month and of course i'm beyond pumped for halloween because i love dressing up! hope you're all doing well out there in wherever you're reading this from!


omg it's been sooo long!

hey guys! i know its been like forever but i've just been having an awesome summer.  this time of the year tends to be a bit slow so i've been playing tons of volleyball (have another tournament labor day weekend and then a huge 4 day one in PA the following week) and just enjoying life.

some updates- i've started working for Duggans Distillers which is a new alcohol company where i will play a multitude of roles including sales.  its a sweet side job but the best part is that come 2016 i might be the face of their western honey pepper whiskey!! not only am i a whiskey girl at heart, but it's a professional dream of mine to have an alcohol campaign! so grateful :)

the commercial i did back in december for the artisanal umbrella company is finally on amazon! (well the print work anyway) check it out: http://www.amazon.com/CitiLine-Collection-Umbrella-Close-Multicoloured/dp/B00V0UVSOG/ref=sr_1_1 :D

i have been doing some shooting.  like 2wks ago i shot with (now one of my fav photogs to work with) chris bachman -check him out: http://www.bachmanpictures.com/ ...it was one of those ridiculous days that was just so much fun because i love my job.  i showed up with the plan being 3-5hrs of shooting and then because chris was leaving for a month, all of his clients just kept bringing stuff so we ended up shooting for a little over 8hrs.  it was like 90degrees out and the ac was broken and we were shooting winter stuff like fleece leggings.  a super long day but definitely worth it.

oo also i'm going to be in Delicious Dolls Magazine in novemeber!! super pumped about that. my awesome pinup work with johnny armaos & christen gundersen was chosen from the images he submitted.  check out a sneak peak on johnny's site http://www.hellcatagogo.com/.

hope everyone's enjoying their summer! it isn't even remotely finished yet. i go to the beach until october :p

catalog catalog catalog

this month has been super awesome for me catalog wise! i started shooting with diane ashley (site is launching in 2  days!) http://www.dianeashley.com/. they're located near worcester mass and i will be shooting with them on the regular now.

i also started shooting for s2sportswear.  the owner said he would definitely use me again and the photographer who shot me also said he would show me to his other clients to see if they'd like to use me as well! basically awesomeness all around.

on a totally unrelated note, i had my energy cleansed yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!! i highly recommend it :)

may & june updates

so my trip to florida was awesome.  my second day down there i shot with theia photography which was a lot of fun.  we shot first in this like nature preserve park type thing and later on moved to a little grassy area that touched the ocean and i got to shoot in the warm atlantic water which was a very welcomed change from the freezing northeast waters.  i was down there for a friends wedding which was beautiful and spent the last few days partying in miami.

when i got back from florida i was super busy which was obviously good. i also worked my first golf tournament for gina cigar as one of the cigar girls.  it was also my first time ever on a golf course and first time i ever clipped or lit a cigar. i had it down by the end of the day :)

in the beginning of june i shot with christen gundersen again doing this really cool makeup look for her class.  if they pick her look it will be on the cover of iD magazine which would be beyond super awesome.  the look came out awesome & it's the first time ive ever done a really cool makeup look like that.

i also shot with bob from robert harrington studios again.  he was teaching a lighting class and we shot a standard corporate head shot, high key fashion, beauty, and 40's lighting.  i learned a few things as well which was neat.

awesome week

so i've been super busy lately.  

i had a pinup shoot on monday with photographer johnny armoas and makeup artist (who i totally worked with on the underwater shoot i did) christen gundersen.  it was SO MUCH FUN.  i cant remember last time i had that much fun on a shoot. i've never done pinup before, and now that i have, i would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat. it's so transformative...i did 3 looks and i literally looked like a diff person each time.  pinup in general is so fun to pose for. it's a little campy but that's what makes it what it is. i can't say enough good things about both johnny and christen and i can't wait to see how all the pix come out.  (i've gotten to see a few so far yay)

today i shot with nintai studios in providence, ri (that was kind of a hike).  i was doing a fitness/yoga themed shoot and i was definitely sore after.  we did some dramatic lighting and my back muscles look on point...it seriously surprised me because my back is definitely one of the weaker parts of me.  i threw a shot up on my ig ( @_.samanthachristine._ ) from right off the camera because i thought it looked awesome.  follow me and check it out :)

tomorrow i have another shoot with a newer photographer in brooklyn.  i'm curious to see how the photos will come out since he doesn't have much of a port (being so new to the game) but he's really enthusiastic about what we're doing so that's always a plus.

next week i will be in florida and i'm going to work while i'm down there.  if u or someone u know is in the miami area and wants to book me send me a message! my rates are totally reasonable and i'm always willing to negotiate.

i'm off to the gym now so i hope everyone has a wonderful night! :) 

i need your help! (pretty plz :) ..no but seriously)

happy 420!

anyway..like the title of this blog post says, i need your help. first off i just wanna say how awesome u guys all are for subscribing to my blog and checking in with me.  i really am grateful for anyone who takes time out of their life to support me and my career in any way possible.

now the good news! i've been selected to be one of fifty international contestants on a new bikini competition and reality show called swimsuit centerfold!! i'm super excited and this would be great exposure for me and could really boost my career. 
...now for the not so good news- because this show is in its infancy, they don't have a full roster of sponsors and girls are required to get their own flights to where the show is being filmed, get a pageant style gown, and have some spending money. the show is shooting in cancun, mexico so plane tickets are not cheap.  i got the idea from the producer to start a gofundme account to hopefully be able to raise enough money to go.  i would appreciate it greatly if you could find it in your heart to donate to my cause and help me get to this competition and advance my career. 

here's my link--> https://gofundme.com/rz2axbs (i cant figure out how to post the fancy widget)

i'm modeling full time and don't exactly have the spare change to jet off to mexico last minute. i cant wait to look back at this time in my life and laugh about how broke i was as i drive into my pool of gold coins scrooge mcduck style haha but until then, any help u could give me would be beyond greatly appreciated.  even $1 makes a difference :)

thanks guys :)


spring has sprung

hey guys! so its spring apparently even if nobody told mother nature haha.  there was a small snow storm last week on the first day of spring but i'd rather have the snow than the rain cuz at least the snow is pretty.

so i shot with my agency almost 3 weeks ago and got my contact sheets.  i'm in the process of picking some photos to be edited and then going to shoot with them again.  i seriously am so excited about all the opportunities that will be coming my way through them.

i also shot for my parts portfolio! i just added some of the shots and i'm out looking for a parts agency as well.  

on thursday i shot with ITB Studios in newport, ri in a beautiful hotel on the water.  i was doing work for his boudoir book...the lighting was amazing and the place in general was just breathtaking.  i had a great shoot and he even shot on film! i haven't shot with film in forever and i should see how those came out by next week.

hope everyone's been keeping warm! until next time..

been busy

hey guys! so i hope everyone's 2015 is off to an awesome start! i've been pretty busy myself..

i started doing ba work for an awesome organic raw juice company based out of brooklyn, ny called rawpothecary.  it's all blended juice so u get the skin & pulp for more nutrients and it's super delicious.  i also worked the yankee dental congress and i will be doing the upcoming ibs convention in nyc.  that will be a lot of fun.  i am also now a gina cigar girl! so if you have an upcoming golf tournament in the new england area you should totally hire them and mention that i sent u! :)

i am really excited to begin working with couture modeling agency as well. i can't wait to see all the awesome things we will accomplish together.

two weeks ago i was in new orleans for mardi gras! i had a seriously epic time and will definitely be returning in the future, especially for the food. omg some of the best food i've had in my life. my favorite dish might of been fresh oysters in the shell with a spicy bloody mary mix on top. i had never had oysters before and i was not disappointed.

i'm off to the gym! peace love & happyness everyone<3


2015- Dream Big, Achieve Bigger :D

Happy new year everyone!  The title of this blog post is my new life motto and the theme of this upcoming year.  2014 was great for me career wise, and I can't wait to make 2015 even better.  

Even though technically it was shot last year, I'm in Starchild Photography's 2K15 calendar as the month of July (my bday month) :) so I'm super pumped about that.  You guys should pick yourself up a copy at www.starchildsworldmagazine.com (also grab a copy of the anniversary/xmas edition I was just in or even the 4th of July edition) .  Anyways..I feel like it's a great start to my year of awesomeness! 

I have a few upcoming shoots scheduled for this month already.  I will also be published in an upcoming issue of FGM (just don't know which one so more on that when I get the info).  That was something I also knew about a month or two ago but it doesn't happen till this year so I'm still adding it to my 2015 awesomeness.

Ok, so the big news I haven't mentioned is that I'm now signed to an agency!! I signed a non exclusive contract with Couture Modeling Agency in December and I'm going to shoot for my comp card in the next week or two I think.  I can't wait to see what is coming from this new career venture and I will definitely keep you guys posted!

I hope everyone everywhere has an amazing 2015 and may you all dream big and achieve bigger!! <3

underwater & other adventures

Been pretty busy lately!  

A few weeks ago I did an underwater shoot with f-stop photography which was A LOT of fun.  It was difficult to get used to at first but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome.  I did sort of almost drown right after my very last shot (got tangled in the skirt and couldn't swim) but other than that it went great.  I got the images back a few days ago and they look cool.  Make sure to check them out!

I've been in talks with an agency which could be a really big thing for me.  Just gotta hammer out the details and get it squared away.

I've also been working as a fit model for this designer Oliver and his brand Orchidshadow.  It's a really cool process and it's really interesting to see how the clothes are designed and how patterns are made.  There's a lot of math involved haha.

Also, I'm going to start being a promotional model for rage on which is a rage clothing line.  I'll be promoting their clothes on my ig @_.samanthachristine._ and I'll have a code so you can get 15% off any purchase so don't forget to check me out on ig!

Hope u all had a great thanxgiving!! 

happy halloween weekend!

happy halloween everybody! i love how this holiday is never just one night anymore.  this is the first year i'm wearing the same costume two days in a row but its super awesome and i love  my corset that i got for it, plus i'm totally saving money haha.

so last saturday i shot with don of starchild photography for his dual projects of the 2015 calendar and the xmas magazine.  as i expected, it was awesome.  i had my makeup done by mac cosmetics and was OBSESSED with my red lips.  my outfits were definitely the most risque things i've ever shot in but i think i rocked them well.

i have a lot of stuff coming up for the month of november and i can't wait to fill you all in when it starts happening! :)

don't forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on my new ig @_.samanthachristine._ 

thanx!! :)

busy day

well wednesday was a busy day for me.  

i had a quick casting in bushwick that i'm still waiting to hear back on (crossing my fingers) which was for an athletic apparel company. 

then i went to a shoot in the village for an accessories site.  i can't wait till my images are up on http://www.accessoriesvault.com/! also the guy was super cool and is gonna help me get set up in parts modeling because i have really nice hands and feet and legs. so that's awesome

later on i had a, i guess meeting? with film actor/director william demeo.  we met at The Diner and he treated me to a quick meal and some drinks and offered me some really helpful advice and has offered to totally help me out. he was really nice and seemed down to earth, and he gave me  a copy of his last movie which i thought was super cool of him too.  i'm supposed to hang out with him next week (as friends obviously) so we'll see how that goes.

exciting things ahead!

Hey guys!
Well, I shoot with one of my fav photogs about 2 weeks ago and we did some fitness and lingerie and I'm gonna shoot with him a few more times very soon and start submitting to mags in the hopes of being published in a few.  The only downside (imo) is that I don't get to see the pics right away or even know the outcome for up to like 3 months, but it is obviously worth it.  I just hope everything looks good.
On another positive note, I booked a 2015 calendar with my other fav photog to shoot with. I'm super pumped for that as well! I'm getting my body on point and shooting for this in the end of October. Seriously can't wait.
Thanks for reading my blog and I hope everything is good with everyone out there! :) Ahh I'm just in such a good mood haha. Hopefully you'll be seeing A LOT more of me soon! :D

ah its been forever

Hey guys! Well it has been literally forever since I posted but I was busy.  I've been getting my body on point again and making a lot of  moves in my personal life.  I quit my day job (finally!!) and I'm really starting to get the ball rolling with my career.  Got a few things coming up later this month which I will keep you posted on.  

I have some photos I'm waiting on from the end of June when I shot for romance novel covers.  I actually learned a lot during that shoot and worked with Jimmy Thomas of RNC who is on like 100x more covers than Fabio.  I also just uploaded a few shots from the group shoot I did in June as well.

I hope everyone is still enjoying the tail end of summer and I'll make sure I keep you guys updated more often! 

byee :)

shoot with starchild

On Saturday I had a shoot with Don of Starchild Photography.  I was going on literally zero sleep but it was a great time!
I was shooting for his July 4th magazine that will be coming out in the end of June.  I was super pumped because this will be my first time being published.  So excited and so grateful for the opportunity.  I shot in 2 different bikinis and ended up shooting in 2 different dresses as well.  I got to keep the bikinis which was an awesome perk.  I got an AMAZING head shot out of the day which I am beyond happy about too.
The makeup artist he uses is simply spectacular.  I was literally in love with how she did my hair and makeup.  I almost looked like a different person (because I don't wear anything other than eyeliner and mascara and a little bronzer in real life) and it's always such a trip to see myself all made up.
All in all it was a great day.  I've gotten some sweet pix which I will be adding as soon as I finish this post and I can't wait to see which shots he's saving for the magazine.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I got catfished by some scum of the earth guy named Elie Kent. I actually met him in person so he is real, it's just that everything that comes out of his mouth is absolute bullshit. 
He baited me for a month claiming to live in LA and be the executive producer of this new tv show that was going to be a documentary following and up and comer and include a 5 issue spread in maxim and a contract with rene rofe lingerie.  Sounds amazing right? 
Even though I despise this guy, he is good at what he does.  He gave me actual productive advice and had "a guy from maxim" email me (obvious bullshit), and I even went to a real, albeit mildly sketchy, interview and casting when he "came to NYC" (he lives in either the city or stamford, ct).  
Basically this guy is just trying to get laid.  He boiled it down to finally telling me I would have to sleep with him to get the part.  He told me this at 1:30am on the night of my oldest friends funeral.  He knew I had went to her service that day too.  Honestly, I could let this all go and take the lessons I learned from it and move on if he hadn't bothered me that day.  He harassed me and apparently thinks I'm stupid but I now know his real name, where he lives and works, and the fact that there are rip off reports about him under his real name, and he is wanted by the police as of 2011.
I want to warn other girls if possible please stay away from him! He is a horrible human being and has no morals or soul.  
Karma is real so he will get his, and I damn well will help make sure that happens.
End of rant.

waiting on pics...

I like to try and keep my blog positive but there is a huge pet peeve of mine that I'm actually dealing with from 3 (!!) different photogs, and that's getting pictures back to me in a timely fashion.

One person I've been waiting since January, and the other two are from when I shot in LA. It's just getting ridiculous at this point.  I only have one finished shot from one guy in LA and then he like disappeared and hasn't answered me since.  The other guy I shot with out there told me it would be two or three weeks before he got them to me but it's been more than a month now and I'm still waiting.  The person from January I've contacted a few times and they keep telling me they'll send them immediately but literally just haven't still.  

It's just frustrating because to keep my port up to date I need my pics...ok rant over.

On a much more positive note I've got something possibly huge coming up and I'm so excited I could literally burst! :D