ridiculous day

This Wednesday I had 2 shoots scheduled and everything started out great until I got on the train and found out that there was no power beyond Stamford.  My first shoot was supposed to be at 12 but we had moved it to 1pm earlier that morning, and thank God the photog was such a cool guy and totally understanding about the train catastrophe. They had started running diesel trains once an hour from Stamford to Grand Central and after waiting there for around 35mins it finally came and then another hour and forty minutes later I was in the station. I didn't end up making it to my shoot until almost 2:15 but he said I was his last shoot of the day so everything worked out.   

My first shoot was with Dizzy Crane who I met through model mayhem.  We shot in some really cool locations and it was quick and a lot of fun minus some sketchy random kid snapping a picture of me on his ipad before throwing me a peace sign and running away.  

My second shoot was for an online catalog for Fashion Obsession Of New York, which is a wholesale website. This was my second time shooting for them and it was awesome again. I even got a free dress!  

After getting out of my second shoot I had 15 minutes to make it from 36th & 7th to Grand Central and literally be on the train. My shoe had broken right before I had gotten to my second shoot and all I had were heels so I ran barefoot (legit ran) the whole way there and thankfully made the train with 3 minutes to spare!  It was a long trip back taking the diesel train local to Stamford again, and then to my stop on the regular train but I had a book and overall a great day behind me so it was all good. :)