busy day

well wednesday was a busy day for me.  

i had a quick casting in bushwick that i'm still waiting to hear back on (crossing my fingers) which was for an athletic apparel company. 

then i went to a shoot in the village for an accessories site.  i can't wait till my images are up on http://www.accessoriesvault.com/! also the guy was super cool and is gonna help me get set up in parts modeling because i have really nice hands and feet and legs. so that's awesome

later on i had a, i guess meeting? with film actor/director william demeo.  we met at The Diner and he treated me to a quick meal and some drinks and offered me some really helpful advice and has offered to totally help me out. he was really nice and seemed down to earth, and he gave me  a copy of his last movie which i thought was super cool of him too.  i'm supposed to hang out with him next week (as friends obviously) so we'll see how that goes.