underwater & other adventures

Been pretty busy lately!  

A few weeks ago I did an underwater shoot with f-stop photography which was A LOT of fun.  It was difficult to get used to at first but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome.  I did sort of almost drown right after my very last shot (got tangled in the skirt and couldn't swim) but other than that it went great.  I got the images back a few days ago and they look cool.  Make sure to check them out!

I've been in talks with an agency which could be a really big thing for me.  Just gotta hammer out the details and get it squared away.

I've also been working as a fit model for this designer Oliver and his brand Orchidshadow.  It's a really cool process and it's really interesting to see how the clothes are designed and how patterns are made.  There's a lot of math involved haha.

Also, I'm going to start being a promotional model for rage on which is a rage clothing line.  I'll be promoting their clothes on my ig @_.samanthachristine._ and I'll have a code so you can get 15% off any purchase so don't forget to check me out on ig!

Hope u all had a great thanxgiving!!