Well ladies and gentlemen, I got catfished by some scum of the earth guy named Elie Kent. I actually met him in person so he is real, it's just that everything that comes out of his mouth is absolute bullshit. 
He baited me for a month claiming to live in LA and be the executive producer of this new tv show that was going to be a documentary following and up and comer and include a 5 issue spread in maxim and a contract with rene rofe lingerie.  Sounds amazing right? 
Even though I despise this guy, he is good at what he does.  He gave me actual productive advice and had "a guy from maxim" email me (obvious bullshit), and I even went to a real, albeit mildly sketchy, interview and casting when he "came to NYC" (he lives in either the city or stamford, ct).  
Basically this guy is just trying to get laid.  He boiled it down to finally telling me I would have to sleep with him to get the part.  He told me this at 1:30am on the night of my oldest friends funeral.  He knew I had went to her service that day too.  Honestly, I could let this all go and take the lessons I learned from it and move on if he hadn't bothered me that day.  He harassed me and apparently thinks I'm stupid but I now know his real name, where he lives and works, and the fact that there are rip off reports about him under his real name, and he is wanted by the police as of 2011.
I want to warn other girls if possible please stay away from him! He is a horrible human being and has no morals or soul.  
Karma is real so he will get his, and I damn well will help make sure that happens.
End of rant.