shoot with starchild

On Saturday I had a shoot with Don of Starchild Photography.  I was going on literally zero sleep but it was a great time!
I was shooting for his July 4th magazine that will be coming out in the end of June.  I was super pumped because this will be my first time being published.  So excited and so grateful for the opportunity.  I shot in 2 different bikinis and ended up shooting in 2 different dresses as well.  I got to keep the bikinis which was an awesome perk.  I got an AMAZING head shot out of the day which I am beyond happy about too.
The makeup artist he uses is simply spectacular.  I was literally in love with how she did my hair and makeup.  I almost looked like a different person (because I don't wear anything other than eyeliner and mascara and a little bronzer in real life) and it's always such a trip to see myself all made up.
All in all it was a great day.  I've gotten some sweet pix which I will be adding as soon as I finish this post and I can't wait to see which shots he's saving for the magazine.