exciting things ahead!

Hey guys!
Well, I shoot with one of my fav photogs about 2 weeks ago and we did some fitness and lingerie and I'm gonna shoot with him a few more times very soon and start submitting to mags in the hopes of being published in a few.  The only downside (imo) is that I don't get to see the pics right away or even know the outcome for up to like 3 months, but it is obviously worth it.  I just hope everything looks good.
On another positive note, I booked a 2015 calendar with my other fav photog to shoot with. I'm super pumped for that as well! I'm getting my body on point and shooting for this in the end of October. Seriously can't wait.
Thanks for reading my blog and I hope everything is good with everyone out there! :) Ahh I'm just in such a good mood haha. Hopefully you'll be seeing A LOT more of me soon! :D