2015- Dream Big, Achieve Bigger :D

Happy new year everyone!  The title of this blog post is my new life motto and the theme of this upcoming year.  2014 was great for me career wise, and I can't wait to make 2015 even better.  

Even though technically it was shot last year, I'm in Starchild Photography's 2K15 calendar as the month of July (my bday month) :) so I'm super pumped about that.  You guys should pick yourself up a copy at www.starchildsworldmagazine.com (also grab a copy of the anniversary/xmas edition I was just in or even the 4th of July edition) .  Anyways..I feel like it's a great start to my year of awesomeness! 

I have a few upcoming shoots scheduled for this month already.  I will also be published in an upcoming issue of FGM (just don't know which one so more on that when I get the info).  That was something I also knew about a month or two ago but it doesn't happen till this year so I'm still adding it to my 2015 awesomeness.

Ok, so the big news I haven't mentioned is that I'm now signed to an agency!! I signed a non exclusive contract with Couture Modeling Agency in December and I'm going to shoot for my comp card in the next week or two I think.  I can't wait to see what is coming from this new career venture and I will definitely keep you guys posted!

I hope everyone everywhere has an amazing 2015 and may you all dream big and achieve bigger!! <3