i need to get better @ consistently blogging

well hello all. so i seriously suck at consistently blogging..deff gonna work on that haha.

lot's of awesome things have been happening!

got back to work in september..shot out in staten island and worked with my agency on getting my comp together.  been doing a lot of promo stuff as well.

on october 3rd i was lucky enough to be part of rufflecon (http://www.rufflecon.org/) which was an absolutely amazing experience! it was my first big runway show and i walked for two designers - simplicity (in the first act) and - long ears and sharp ears (in the second act).  the clothes i got to wear were a lot of fun and totally something i've never done before.  check out the photos i added - i'm hopefully getting the official pix soon to add to the few i took myself.

got some more shoots this month and of course i'm beyond pumped for halloween because i love dressing up! hope you're all doing well out there in wherever you're reading this from!