spring has sprung

hey guys! so its spring apparently even if nobody told mother nature haha.  there was a small snow storm last week on the first day of spring but i'd rather have the snow than the rain cuz at least the snow is pretty.

so i shot with my agency almost 3 weeks ago and got my contact sheets.  i'm in the process of picking some photos to be edited and then going to shoot with them again.  i seriously am so excited about all the opportunities that will be coming my way through them.

i also shot for my parts portfolio! i just added some of the shots and i'm out looking for a parts agency as well.  

on thursday i shot with ITB Studios in newport, ri in a beautiful hotel on the water.  i was doing work for his boudoir book...the lighting was amazing and the place in general was just breathtaking.  i had a great shoot and he even shot on film! i haven't shot with film in forever and i should see how those came out by next week.

hope everyone's been keeping warm! until next time..