i need your help! (pretty plz :) ..no but seriously)

happy 420!

anyway..like the title of this blog post says, i need your help. first off i just wanna say how awesome u guys all are for subscribing to my blog and checking in with me.  i really am grateful for anyone who takes time out of their life to support me and my career in any way possible.

now the good news! i've been selected to be one of fifty international contestants on a new bikini competition and reality show called swimsuit centerfold!! i'm super excited and this would be great exposure for me and could really boost my career. 
...now for the not so good news- because this show is in its infancy, they don't have a full roster of sponsors and girls are required to get their own flights to where the show is being filmed, get a pageant style gown, and have some spending money. the show is shooting in cancun, mexico so plane tickets are not cheap.  i got the idea from the producer to start a gofundme account to hopefully be able to raise enough money to go.  i would appreciate it greatly if you could find it in your heart to donate to my cause and help me get to this competition and advance my career. 

here's my link--> https://gofundme.com/rz2axbs (i cant figure out how to post the fancy widget)

i'm modeling full time and don't exactly have the spare change to jet off to mexico last minute. i cant wait to look back at this time in my life and laugh about how broke i was as i drive into my pool of gold coins scrooge mcduck style haha but until then, any help u could give me would be beyond greatly appreciated.  even $1 makes a difference :)

thanks guys :)