awesome week

so i've been super busy lately.  

i had a pinup shoot on monday with photographer johnny armoas and makeup artist (who i totally worked with on the underwater shoot i did) christen gundersen.  it was SO MUCH FUN.  i cant remember last time i had that much fun on a shoot. i've never done pinup before, and now that i have, i would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat. it's so transformative...i did 3 looks and i literally looked like a diff person each time.  pinup in general is so fun to pose for. it's a little campy but that's what makes it what it is. i can't say enough good things about both johnny and christen and i can't wait to see how all the pix come out.  (i've gotten to see a few so far yay)

today i shot with nintai studios in providence, ri (that was kind of a hike).  i was doing a fitness/yoga themed shoot and i was definitely sore after.  we did some dramatic lighting and my back muscles look on seriously surprised me because my back is definitely one of the weaker parts of me.  i threw a shot up on my ig ( @_.samanthachristine._ ) from right off the camera because i thought it looked awesome.  follow me and check it out :)

tomorrow i have another shoot with a newer photographer in brooklyn.  i'm curious to see how the photos will come out since he doesn't have much of a port (being so new to the game) but he's really enthusiastic about what we're doing so that's always a plus.

next week i will be in florida and i'm going to work while i'm down there.  if u or someone u know is in the miami area and wants to book me send me a message! my rates are totally reasonable and i'm always willing to negotiate.

i'm off to the gym now so i hope everyone has a wonderful night! :)