may & june updates

so my trip to florida was awesome.  my second day down there i shot with theia photography which was a lot of fun.  we shot first in this like nature preserve park type thing and later on moved to a little grassy area that touched the ocean and i got to shoot in the warm atlantic water which was a very welcomed change from the freezing northeast waters.  i was down there for a friends wedding which was beautiful and spent the last few days partying in miami.

when i got back from florida i was super busy which was obviously good. i also worked my first golf tournament for gina cigar as one of the cigar girls.  it was also my first time ever on a golf course and first time i ever clipped or lit a cigar. i had it down by the end of the day :)

in the beginning of june i shot with christen gundersen again doing this really cool makeup look for her class.  if they pick her look it will be on the cover of iD magazine which would be beyond super awesome.  the look came out awesome & it's the first time ive ever done a really cool makeup look like that.

i also shot with bob from robert harrington studios again.  he was teaching a lighting class and we shot a standard corporate head shot, high key fashion, beauty, and 40's lighting.  i learned a few things as well which was neat.