omg it's been sooo long!

hey guys! i know its been like forever but i've just been having an awesome summer.  this time of the year tends to be a bit slow so i've been playing tons of volleyball (have another tournament labor day weekend and then a huge 4 day one in PA the following week) and just enjoying life.

some updates- i've started working for Duggans Distillers which is a new alcohol company where i will play a multitude of roles including sales.  its a sweet side job but the best part is that come 2016 i might be the face of their western honey pepper whiskey!! not only am i a whiskey girl at heart, but it's a professional dream of mine to have an alcohol campaign! so grateful :)

the commercial i did back in december for the artisanal umbrella company is finally on amazon! (well the print work anyway) check it out: :D

i have been doing some shooting.  like 2wks ago i shot with (now one of my fav photogs to work with) chris bachman -check him out: was one of those ridiculous days that was just so much fun because i love my job.  i showed up with the plan being 3-5hrs of shooting and then because chris was leaving for a month, all of his clients just kept bringing stuff so we ended up shooting for a little over 8hrs.  it was like 90degrees out and the ac was broken and we were shooting winter stuff like fleece leggings.  a super long day but definitely worth it.

oo also i'm going to be in Delicious Dolls Magazine in novemeber!! super pumped about that. my awesome pinup work with johnny armaos & christen gundersen was chosen from the images he submitted.  check out a sneak peak on johnny's site

hope everyone's enjoying their summer! it isn't even remotely finished yet. i go to the beach until october :p