end of 2015 - beginning of 2016 :)

hello all! :)

happy new year!! 2016 is bringing amazing things! :)

i hope everyone had a merry xmas/happy hanukkuh/happy kwanza/happy festivus/day off from school/work/life! or happy day of being offended by everything in the world involving holidays u giant pussy (i think that covers everyone?)

december was a pretty slow month for me unfortunately because i had rhabdo.  i had an AMAZING shoot the first week of the month with a full collaborative team for a Garage magazine concept shoot. (as in, not for publication, just in the style of) ..it was a ton of fun working with a full team and the shoot was so easy and awesome.

so the rhabdo story - in the meantime, i had been sorta bulking (basically eating a lot - not doing like a serious bulk) because i wanted to start a new routine and had signed up for a bootcamp class and was excited to get super cut. i went to my first class on monday 12/7 & it ended up being a fucking crossfit thing. i had no desire to do crossfit, it's stupid & dangerous.  i had read all the reviews & checked out the site and the word crossfit wasn't even remotely mentioned.  the "trainer" actually makes u call and schedule your first class and i pretty much grilled him on all the types of stuff and what i was looking to specifically work on (my explosion and vertical for volleyball). i show up & on the menu for the day is:
100 burpees
100 kettle bell swings (lightest bell is 15lbs)
100 split squats
100 raised arm pushups
100 butterfly sit ups
100 raised arm squats or something where you're arms are holding something the entire time
two women in the class told me that i just happened to start on a super hard day & that it's not normally like this. i figured i wouldn't push myself past my limits and i had mild bronchitis so my lungs would quit long before my muscles anyway.  the only thing i really went hard on was the push ups because it wasn't any type of cardio. i've done pushups/other shit until exhaustion a bunch of times before but it's the stupid million repetitions of all the exercises that get u. later that day i was sore, by the next day i felt like someone had beat me, and that night i had 2 bulges on either side of my chest (looked like i had 4 boobs).  the next day after work i went to the ER & after a 3hr wait :(  i was just like o hey i think i have rhabdo  & they pretty much laughed me off until they did my blood work.  the dr actually congratulated me on correctly self diagnosing.  my cpk levels (the amount of protein in your blood) was 13000 (it's only supposed to be a couple hundred) & my liver was elevated. i was in the hospital for 2days. so basically fuck the boot camp and "trainer". trash them by name, but if you're reading this, please please be careful and do your research. rhabdo can be fatal and lead to kidney and liver failure. i haven't been able to work out since that class either. besides the 2 days in the hospital, i was on bed rest at home for about a week, still can't drink, still have serious muscle weakness, and i'm still tired a lot. BUT on a positive note, i'm starting yoga again tomorrow so fingers crossed!

2 days after i got out of the hospital i had a shoot with kabbaz-kelly from customshirt1.com.  they are like the number one retailer of men's dress shirts and socks.  they brought socks to the internet (they have AMAZING socks) i had such a good time shooting with them. the lingerie and loungewear was super comfy and the socks were by far the finest quality i've ever had on my body.  the only downside of this day was i was still definitely sick, felt absolutely horrible by the time i got home, and got yelled at by my dr for going. can't wait to shoot with them again in the future!! check me out on their site - i'm on a few of the boxes!! so when u order the product from them, u get me :D http://www.customshirt1.com/index.php/womenslingerie/sets/kabbaz-kelly-custom-colors-collection-cotton-lycra-racerback-tank-top.html

christmas was nice and my nye was a shit ton of fun! my 2016 resolution is to focus on the good and only think about positive things.  2015 was great but i know 2016 is bringing me amazing things and i can't wait to receive them all :)

peace love happyness :*