NYFW & other adventures

So it's been a hot second! 

In jan i went out to vegas for SHOT show with Fight Soap to help host afterparties & make the company look good.  It was a lot of fun to go to some of the events (one was held at a shooting range) & we had a sweet hookup that got us in vip sections for all the clubs we went to.  omnia has the sickest chandelier light show thing!

in feb i walked in my first ever show during NYFW!! it was such a cool thing to be a part of & i walked during the raw artists showcase in brooklyn for a super sweet designer named jackie. her line is called earthly and it's made with all natural dyes & fabrics.  the more i do runway, the more i seem to love it!  such a fun experience :)

i finally went back to the gym 2 days ago! it was 3 months to the day since i took that horrid class that gave me rhabdo.  it feels AMAZING to be back in the gym & constantly active. yesterday alone i did yoga, chest day at the gym, then topped off the night with volleyball<3  seriously loving life right now :)

hope u all love life right now as well! 

ps- totally forgot to mention, when i shot with kabbaz-kelly in december they put me on the box!! when u order women's color collection from their lingerie section u will get me in the mail!! :D check it out under my commercial tab