Gratuity Express

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Tip better and faster with Gratuity Express! 
Not your average tip calculator app! Gratuity Express is an elegantly designed application that helps you
quickly figure out the gratuity based on multiple factors of the service you received. No other tip app works
this way.

- Split the bill between multiple people.
- A few quick and easy to understand questions for figuring what to tip.
- Simple calculator mode for when you know exactly what percentage to tip.
- Comprehensive breakdown of tips and totals, both per-person and for everyone.
- Archive your transactions for future review.

Gratuity Express is an iOS app that a friend and I created together.  The concept was my idea and the
development was done by him. Working in the restaurant/bar business for a few years inspired this app and
you should check it out.  It will revolutionize the way you look at tipping!